Dr. Karumanchi holistic Doctor in Tampa Florida with family

I was born and brought up in south India. My Inspiration to become a doctor came from watching my father who was a general practitioner. I grew up with two brothers and my mother was working as a professor in an engineering college.

I became interested in yoga while I was in medical school. Before completing medical school, I completed the training as a yoga instructor.

Even in my 20s, had a great interest in how the universe works. I also used to study philosophy in my free time. By watching my grandmother and my mother, I learned about energy healing. My mother suffered from asthma for a long time and she had significant improvement after she started working with the energy healing practitioner.

When I lived in India, I used to play cricket and volleyball.

I moved to US in 2004. After doing residency and fellowship, I worked in Kansas for 5 years then moved to the Tampa area. Over the years, I noticed that two major solutions that we offer in medicine are pharmaceuticals and surgery. It is a one size fits all approach. I wanted to explore other options to help my clients. I learned about functional medicine as well as other modalities, including energy healing, which can bring about a tremendous improvement in the underlying symptoms by fixing the root cause. I wanted to create a new healthcare model with this thought and for this reason I opened my practice.

I am living in the Tampa area with Suneeta, my wife, and Taman, my son. Suneeta and I like to spend time with Srikar, our nephew and Srinika, our niece, in Atlanta.

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"I know Dr. Karumanchi, both professionally and personally. He is competent yet very compassionate. He is easy to talk to and has great bedside manners. He has the ability to think outside the box and help his patients in a personalized way. I give his clinic my highest recommendations!" - Fahad Saeed, MD, FASN