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When you pick up your prescription at the pharmacy, it isn’t labelled “Made in China,” but odds are that’s where many of your medications come from.

Drug companies, which now rely on China for active ingredients that go into antibiotics, heart medicines and other drugs we need to stay alive. 

That reliance is a threat to national security. And the squalid conditions in many Chinese drug factories pose a health risk to Americans who have to take the medicines.

The United States wouldn’t outsource the manufacture of fighter planes and tanks to China; that would put our national security in the hands of an adversary. But even US military personnel take medications from China.

During the last 13 months, the FDA has had to announce more than 50 recalls of blood pressure medications because the active ingredient valsartan contained jet-fuel contaminants estimated to cause cancer in one out of every 8,000 pill takers. Who supplies it? China.

In 2008, a contaminated blood thinner from China, heparin, killed 81 American patients. Heparin is made from the mucous membranes of pig intestines. In China, slaughtered pigs are often cooked in unregulated family workspaces to begin the process.

The FDA initially concluded that the contaminated heparin came from a Chinese factory using unclean storage tanks and risky raw materials. But later the agency changed its view, and suspected intentional contamination.

Chinese authorities, meanwhile, responded only with denials and more denials. The reason the FDA had little chance to uncover the contamination before Americans started dying: It had not inspected the plant. Even now, it has only 29 staff dedicated to inspecting more than 3,000 foreign manufacturing facilities.

Here’s the ultimate unfairness: Americans pay close to the highest medication prices in the world, because they shoulder most of the research and development costs for new drugs. Yet what are they getting? Drugs made with cheap, sometimes contaminated, Chinese ingredients.

Unfortunately, in the US now users of medications must be very aware of the source and quality of the products they put in their body. Generic prescription medications and OTC products are highly likely to be manufactured out of the US and with minimal oversight.

If the doctor looks at lifestyle management, then, there is a high chance of cutting the dose of medication and/or number of prescription drugs, thereby reducing the possibility of the above mentioned problems. This is something that Dr. Karumanchi does with majority of his clients.

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Dr. Prudhvi Karumanchi is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and Functional Medicine. He is a Certified Energy Mastery® Practitioner and a practicing, Emergency Medicine Board Certified Physician who takes a complete approach to your healthcare.

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