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8320 Stone Run Court, Tampa, FL 33615
beautiful girl enjoying the summer sun

We all love to take in those warm summer rays, but everyone must remember to protect their skin and eyes from the damaging effects of the sun.

The sun emits radiation known as UV-A and UV-B rays and both types can damage your eyes and skin.

• UV-B rays have shorter wavelengths that reach the outer layer of your skin 

• UV-A rays have longer wavelengths that can penetrate the middle layer of your skin

By learning the risks associated with too much sun exposure and taking the right precautions to protect you and your family from UV rays, everyone can enjoy the sun and outdoors safely.

Here are the harmful things unprotected sun exposure can do:

• Cause vision problems and damage to your eyes

• Suppression of the immune system

• Premature aging of the skin

• Skin cancer

While being in the sun can offer some health benefits, such as an uptake in vitamin D, it is important to talk to schedule an appointment with us about any particular risks you might face regarding exposure. You can do that at: https://calendly.com/drkhealthcare

And remember, be smart in the sun!

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